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Basics of Polymers

Book Description

Basics of Polymers: Materials and Synthesis is a major investigative tool in the design and synthesis of polymers in the modern academic and industrial fields. Materials and synthesis encompass a wide range of operations such as selection of monomer(s) and polymerization techniques for the synthesis of materials under various operating conditions. The design and synthesis of each process should therefore be based on specific features. This book highlights the diversity of approaches used in understanding polymer synthesis. This book is designed to be used as study materials for students, professionals, and professors that support their wide use on material and synthesis. It emphasizes the value of each relevant synthesis method and polymerization type, rather than complex mechanisms or the history of its development. An area of considerable interest in this book is polymer synthesis in terms of the relationship between the structure and function of monomer(s). This book is also directed toward postgraduate students and practicing engineers who wish to develop polymer synthesis.