Battery 3 - Drums & Percussion Native Instruments

Video Description

Acclaimed for its ease of use and powerful interface, Battery 3 is the ultimate tool for producing professional drum tracks. Battery 3 has become the standard among producers needing a high-end percussive workhorse sampler. With well over 100 professional kits that range from authentic acoustic sounds to contemporary electronic collections and ethnic percussion from all over the world, Battery 3 is unparalleled in creative freedom. With a powerful new engine and extensive sound shaping options, Battery 3's user-friendly and flexible GUI gives you total control with quick response. Join Kevin as he demonstrates the creativity afforded by this innovative drum sampler.

Product Information

  • Title: Battery 3 - Drums & Percussion Native Instruments
  • Author(s): Kevin Bazell
  • Release date: November 2009
  • Publisher(s): Total Training
  • ISBN: 00320090104SI