18.5 Some Observations and Future Considerations

This case study considered a new constant spherical velocity dynamic target motion model and the resultant Kalman filter track algorithms that can be used with this model. Through a performance analysis with three simulated trajectories, where the level of target maneuvering increased from trajectory to trajectory, we showed that spherical track estimation filters had the better performance during target maneuvers and when the target approached zero range. We also showed that, with the exception of the S-LKF, all of the spherical track estimation algorithms had identical performance. This latter consequence leads to the conclusion that the S-EKF should be used for constant spherical velocity tracking since it has the shortest computation time.

In this case study, we did not fully explore the potential of this new dynamic model due to space and time limitations. Some useful expansions on this study could include the following:

  • Exploring the potential use of a spherical IMM filter that would mix a high-q model with a low-q model, and
  • Explore the impact of using range rate observations on the performance of the spherical filters relative to the Cartesian filters.

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