The author would like to acknowledge the many people who have contributed over the years to his knowledge base on Bayesian estimation and tracking through stimulating conversations.

Thanks are due to my colleagues from my previous position at MITRE, including G. Jacyna, D. Collella, and C. Christou.

Thanks are also due to my colleagues at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL), including L. Williams for her inspiring help on the case study in Chapter 18 and for general discussions on the material in the book; C. Davis for discussions on aspects of target tracking and for proofreading parts of the manuscript; and W. Martin for assessing the readability of the entire manuscript. Special thanks go to B. Beltran for the significant contribution of a Matlab® subroutine that computes the Gauss–Hermite sigma points and weights for any state vector dimension. I would also like to thank the JHUAPL Janney Publication Program committee for a one man-month work grant that allowed me to finish the manuscript in a timely fashion, and M. Whisnant for reviewing and commenting on the manuscript before granting a public release.

Finally, I would like to thank John Wiley & Sons for the opportunity to offer this book to the estimation and tracking community. I would also like to thank the anonymous reviewers of my initial book proposal submission for their many very helpful comments. I especially appreciate the role dependence for the of S. Steitz-Filler, ...

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