Exam Prep Questions

Question 1 Which of the following items are not necessary when setting up routing in a VLAN environment?
  • A. Creating VLANs and associating user ports to them

  • B. Building trunks

  • C. Tuning STP

  • D. Configuring routing on an RP

A1: Answers B and C are correct. Tuning STP is not necessary to set up routing in a VLAN environment. B is required only for a router-on-a-stick, but you can use access links or MLS also. Answers A and D are required, and therefore are incorrect answers.
Question 2 You need to create an SVI interface for VLAN 10 on your Catalyst switch. Enter the command to do this: _________.
A2: interface vlan 10. An SVI interface is a logical interface on the switch. To create an SVI interface, use the interface vlan command ...

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