Exam Prep Questions

Question 1 With a _________, each destination receives a separate packet.
  • A. Unicast

  • B. Broadcast

  • C. Multicast

A1: Answer A is correct. With a unicast, each destination receives a separate packet. With a broadcast or multicast, each destination receives the same packet, making answers B and C incorrect.
Question 2 Which multicast address is used to send information to all RPs in a subnet?
  • A.

  • B.

  • C.

  • D.

A2: Answer B is correct. When information needs to be sent to all RPs on a segment, use as a multicast address. is the all-host group (all devices), making answer A incorrect. Answers C and D are incorrect because OSPF uses these addresses.
Question 3 What protocol is used by ...

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