Exam Prep Questions

Question 1 SPAN is supported on which of the following source interfaces?
  • A. Layer 2 only

  • B. Layer 3 only

  • C. Layer 2 and Layer 3

  • D. Layer 2, Layer 3, and specific EtherChannel interfaces

A1: Answer C is correct. The source ports that you can capture traffic from include Layer 2, Layer 3, and EtherChannels. Answers A and B are incorrect because both are supported. D is incorrect because you can't capture traffic from a specific interface in a channel—only the entire channel.
Question 2 Enter the switch command to display the slot the NAM is installed in: ___________.
A2: show module. Use the show module command to display the cards installed in the Catalyst switch.
Question 3 You want to restrict Telnet access to the switch based ...

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