Chapter 14. Sample Test 2

Question 1 Which definition correctly describes the broadcast transmission method?
  • A. One copy of each frame is sent to every client that requires the data.

  • B. A single copy of each frame is sent, using an address that reaches all clients.

  • C. A single copy of each frame is sent, using a special address that allows each client to decide whether it wants to receive the frame.

  • D. No frames are sent.

Question 2 In which transmission method are frames replicated as needed for transmission to specific hosts?
  • A. Unicast

  • B. Multicast

  • C. Broadcast

  • D. Anycast

Question 3 Which statement about multicast transmission is true?
  • A. One copy of each packet is sent to every client.

  • B. A new packet is sent each time the client requests it.

  • C. Only ...

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