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BDD in C# - Using Specflow (Cucumber) to Develop a REST API and Automate Software Testing

Video Description

Learn how to develop software in Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) using Specflow - part of the Cucumber software family of tools for software testing automation

About This Video

  • Basic knowledge of an object-oriented language ( ideally C# ) is required to fully understand some areas of this course
  • The courses are all straight to the point and provide both explanations and examples to ensure the student has fully understood the concepts being explained.

In Detail

In this course, you will learn about Behaviour Driven Development in C# and how this can be done using Specflow, which is the .Net implementation of Cucumber.

We will be going Specflow's core features in detail including:

Installation, Scenarios, Features, Tags, Hooks, Scenario Outlines, Scoped bindings, Step Definitions, Running tests, and many more.