abandonment, see being abandoned (Service Trigger #2)

absolutely, as power word, 146–147

abusive behavior, by customers, 205–207


assuring, 54, 149–152

combined with buy-in to response time, 153–154

as power word, 146


of communications, 165

of waiting customers, 136

active listening, 124, 132, 138–140

All Customers Are Irrational (William J. Cusick), 32

alternatives, offering, 112–114

Amazon, 11

and, replacing but with, 203

angry customers

dealing with, 174–177, see also nightmare customers

tactics for defusing, 201–204

apologizing, 165–166

appearance, 78

prejudging based on, 111

and work clothing, 78–79

Apple Store Lady, 34–35

appreciate, as power word, 145

arguments with customer, avoiding, 170–173

Ariely, ...

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