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Become a High Earning Cloud Architect

Video Description

The demand for Cloud Architects is very high and you as a technical guru can take advantage of this. If your currently a Solutions Architect, System Administrator or Developer this course is a great transition. As your well credentialed instructor I will be working with you for over 10 hours going thru what a Cloud Architect needs to know. We will cover the basics of cloud, then we will cover cloud frameworks, cloud ecosystems, cloud migrations, cloud analysis, etc. This is a vendor neutral course where you will learn the basics but i will apply the fundamentals to the three major providers so you can take this knowledge and run... We will touch on Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and MS Azure for IaaS/PaaS. Salesforce and Servicenow for SaaS as well as O365 briefly. Lastly, I will go thru what you need to look for in a Cloud role and the best resources for finding a new job or gig. The materials are based on the The Professional Cloud Solutions Architect certification which equips solution architects with insights and familiarity with the topology and ecosystems that are being created as a result of cloud technology adoption and operating models. These materials are Vendor neutral. What you’ll learn Explain the history of cloud computing and its impact on business and IT architecture Demonstrate the key engineering concepts of operating “as a service” Explain the impact of cloud computing on service management Understand consumer and provider perspectives in setting up cloud environments Evaluate and design a cloud solution architecture Plan the transitioning and transformation to a cloud environment Are there any course requirements or prerequisites? No Prereqs Wanting to become a Cloud Architect! Having some knowledge in ITIL fundamentals would be helpful.

Table of Contents

  1. Module 1 Course Introduction
    1. Course Trailer 00:01:37
    2. Course Introduction 00:03:43
  2. Module 2 History of Cloud Computing
    1. History of Cloud Computing Part 1 00:20:29
    2. History of Cloud Computing Part 2 00:17:55
  3. Module 3 Impact of Cloud Computing
    1. Impact of Cloud Computing Part 1 00:35:48
    2. Impact of Cloud Computing Part 2 00:17:19
    3. Impact of Cloud Computing Part 3 00:19:13
    4. Demo - Cloudharmony 00:09:26
  4. Module 4 Cloud Technology Engineering
    1. Technology Engineering Part 1 00:46:13
    2. Technology Engineering Part 2 00:18:31
    3. Demo - AWS VPC 00:04:43
  5. Module 5 Solutions Architecture
    1. Cloud Computing Solutions Architecture 00:46:00
    2. Demo - Determine Total Cost of Ownership Azure 00:11:45
    3. Demo - Determine Total Cost of Ownership AWS 00:14:22
    4. Capex or Opex? 00:10:02
  6. Module 6 Cloud Service Lifecycle
    1. Cloud Service Lifcycle 00:45:01
    2. Demo AWS Spot Instances 00:12:27
  7. Module 7 Cloud Service Lifecycle
    1. Service Transormation 00:27:56
    2. Rightscale 00:06:07
    3. Rightscale Cloud Compare 00:06:07
  8. Module 8 Consumer Perspective
    1. Consumer Perspective 00:19:39
    2. AWS Compliance 00:05:46
  9. Module 9 Provider Perspective
    1. Provider Perspective 00:24:17
    2. Demo - GCP Cloud SQL 00:14:45
    3. Demo - Bonus EBS Overview and Demo 00:32:27
  10. Module 10 Cloud Ecosystems
    1. Cloud Ecosystems 00:18:06
  11. Module 11 XAAS
    1. XaaS 00:18:16
    2. Demo - Bonus Kubenetes Engine Cluster Demo 00:18:11
  12. Module 12 Cloud Architecting
    1. Targeting the Right Cloud Architecture 00:39:26
  13. Module 13 Course Closeout
    1. Cloud Credential Council 00:01:59
    2. Cloud Architect Role Search 00:09:14
    3. Thank You for Joining 00:00:22