Become: The Path to Purposeful Leadership

Book description

Become a leader worth following by using the proven, evidence-based methods of the widely respected, global leadership firm Linkage, Inc. and leadership development expert Mark Hannum

The world’s greatest leaders focus on three critical things: they are committed to accomplishing something that matters; they articulate a vision that others embrace; and they demonstrate a series of five commitments that make up the message of this book.

In Become, Mark Hannum, a leading Executive Coach, Consultant, Practitioner and Researcher in the leadership field, reveals the evidence-based secrets that surfaced from vast data Linkage has collected on leadership effectiveness. He details the five commitments that the best leaders make to themselves and their organizations:

•INSPIRE others to join the pursuit of a common vision
•ENGAGE every team member to contribute their best abilities
•INNOVATE key products or processes that lead to the goal
•ACHIEVE results by organizing people and aligning resources
•BECOME more self-aware and courageous as a leader

Product information

  • Title: Become: The Path to Purposeful Leadership
  • Author(s): Mark Hannum
  • Release date: November 2019
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9781260457575