Bringing It All Together

Becoming the Real Deal

Sooner or later, we all reach that defining moment when the lightning bolt of reality strikes: we grasp that our ideal must give way to what's real.

It's a liberating realization. At last, you give yourself permission to stop the masquerade. You no longer try to be that “ideal” person that either you or societal pressures have built up in your head—the person preventing you from living your most significant, meaningful life. For some, that moment comes early. For others, it's an end-of-life revelation.

I'm asking you to become the real deal now rather than later. Now—to earn trust. Now—to elevate performance. Now—to interface beautifully with the world.

As you discovered throughout this book, each Layer of Presence—Inner, Outer, and Verbal—can be like a seesaw, teetering back and forth.

If you're off-center, you can pay a substantial price.

So I'll ask you the same question I did when you started reading this book: are you the real deal?

You are.

I realize you've just discovered things that you may want to improve upon. Maybe you feel like you've got your work cut out for you—as though you're miles away from becoming the centered, authentic, purpose-driven leader you aspire to be.

But that doesn't change my answer. You are the real deal. You always have been.

Think about the moments when you do show up as the authentic you. Maybe it's ...

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