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Becoming a Data Scientist, in a Nutshell

Video Description

Becoming a data scientist has never been so relevant to those who wish to reinvent themselves and veer towards a hands-on, yet scientific occupational endeavor. Regardless of whether you are lured into this field because of the considerable financial rewards it entails, or due to the constantly intriguing challenges that characterize the work of a data scientist, this is the right place to start. Without having to invest a large amount of time, in this video you can get a glimpse of what becoming a data scientist involves, what problems a data scientist tries to solve, and how it all integrates into the business environment. We will look at the data science pipeline, the tools a data scientist uses, and the questions that data science attempts to answer, in a methodical, yet comprehensive manner.

We will address these topics:
  • What is data science and what does a data scientist do?
  • What formal qualifications you need
  • What soft skills you need
  • Specific resources you can use to hone your data science skills
  • How all this fits into the business environment

Table of Contents

  1. Becoming a Data Scientist, in a Nutshell 00:37:17