Page numbers followed by f refer to figures.

Accountability, 67

Acknowledging, defined, 109

Adams, Jena, 114

Africa, 5, 59–64

Agendas for board meetings, 37–38

Agile, 195

Analysis (personal A3), 153

Andersen Windows, 74

Asking questions (radar chart), 165–166

Assessment, 119–139, 134f–136f

about, 120–121

of board of trustees, 51

of coaching relationships, 85–87

and course changes/fresh insights, 121–125

of executive behaviors, 130

five areas of inquiry in, 125–133

importance of, 12

initial, by leadership, 24

of leadership involvement, 127–130, 222f–224f

of newly formed health system, 133, 137–139

of organizational improvement, 131

questionnaire for board, 52f–53f, 216f–217f

of respect for every individual, 132–133

of teamwork, 131–132 ...

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