Specifying Per Vertex Color

In the last example, we set a global default color for all vertices we drew via glColor4f(). Sometimes we want to have more granular control (for example, we want to set a color per vertex). OpenGL ES offers us this functionality, and it's really easy to use. All we have to do is add RGBA float components to each vertex and tell OpenGL ES where it can find the color for each vertex, similar to how we told it where it can find the position for each vertex. Let's start by adding the colors to each vertex.

int VERTEX_SIZE = (2 + 4) * 4; ByteBuffer byteBuffer = ByteBuffer.allocateDirect(3 * VERTEX_SIZE); byteBuffer.order(ByteOrder.nativeOrder()); FloatBuffer vertices = byteBuffer.asFloatBuffer(); vertices.put( new float[] ...

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