Chapter 11. Publishing Android Applications


  • How to prepare your application for deployment

  • How to export your application as an APK file and sign it with a new certificate

  • How to distribute your Android application

  • How to publish your application on the Android Market

So far you have seen quite a lot of interesting things you can do with Android. However, in order to get your application running on users' devices, you need a way to deploy it and distribute it. In this chapter, you will learn how to prepare your Android applications for deployment and get them onto your customer's devices. In addition, you will learn how to publish your applications on the Android Market, where you can sell them and make some money!


Google has made it relatively easy to publish your Android application so that it can be quickly distributed to end users. The steps to publishing your Android application generally involve the following:

  1. Export your application as an APK (Android Package) file.

  2. Generate your own self-signed certificate and digitally sign your application with it.

  3. Deploy the signed application.

  4. Use the Android Market for hosting and selling your application.

In the following sections, you will learn how to prepare your application for signing, and then learn about the various ways to deploy your applications.

This chapter uses the LBS project created in Chapter 9 to demonstrate how to deploy an Android application.


Beginning with ...

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