Project 7: HSB Color Mixer

In this project, we've kept the BlinkM MinM, but we replaced the TMP36 temperature sensor with a pushbutton like we used in Chapter 5 in addition to a trimpot, also known as a potentiometer, although some other variable resistor could work as well. This project will allow us to cycle through hue, saturation, and brightness on the BlinkM to set a specified color. Better yet, it gives us a good excuse for using a special kind of function that uses hardware interrupts, which we will explain in this chapter.

Hooking It Up

The circuit shown in Figures 7-5 and 7-6 adds a pushbutton and trimpot, or other analog sensor, to our BlinkM to make an HSB Color Mixer. We have increased the complexity of our circuit a bit, but each ...

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