17.3. Tools Support for Debugging

With a number of short cut keys and menu items, VWD lets you move around the code that you are debugging, giving you the option to execute code line by line or larger blocks of code at once. Additionally, the IDE provides you with a lot of windows that allow you to diagnose and change the execution environment, including the values of variables at run time. You'll see how to move around code first, which is followed by a discussion on the numerous debugging windows.

17.3.1. Moving around in Debugged Code

When your code has halted on a breakpoint, you can use a number of keyboard shortcuts to determine what to do next. The following table lists the most common short cuts.

F5Press this key to start debugging, as demonstrated in the previous exercise. When pressed during debugging, the code will continue until the next breakpoint is hit, or until all code is finished executing.
F11Press this key to execute the current line and step into a method that's being called if possible. You see how this works later.
F10Press this key to execute the current line without stepping into the code that is being called, unless that code itself contains a breakpoint.
Shift+F11Press this key combination to complete the code in the current method and return to the code that initially called it.
Shift+F5Press this key combination to stop debugging. This closes the browser and returns you to VWD.
Ctrl+Shift+F5Press this key combination to restart the debugging ...

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