Chapter 14

Deploying Your Site

What you will learn in this chapter:

  • Exploring your hosting options
  • Deployment using Web Deploy
  • Deployment via FTP
  • Common deployment problems

This is a short chapter. In most ASP.NET books, a chapter on deploying your site to a web server so that it can go live usually covers a fair amount of ground. There are a number of things you need to do and options you can choose in terms of how you deploy your site. WebMatrix simplifies the whole process so dramatically that there isn’t much to write about. This is good news for you.

This chapter examines your hosting options and explains the differences among each one. It will cover the small amount of work you need to do to ensure that your site works on the server just as it did on your local machine. You will learn about the built-in tools offered by WebMatrix for locating a suitable hosting company and ensuring that it offers a compatible service. Finally, you will walk through the two deployment options offered by WebMatrix.

Web Hosting Services

If you want to expose your site to a public audience, you need to deploy it to a public facing web server. Most often, you will use the services of a company that provides web hosting on a commercial basis. This chapter assumes that you will take this approach as opposed to installing and configuring your own web server. If you are interested in deploying to your own server and you need assistance in obtaining, installing, and configuring Internet Information ...

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