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Beginning BBC micro:bit: A Practical Introduction to micro:bit Development

Book Description

Learn essential concepts and techniques to build simple-to-advanced projects and overcome common programming challenges in micro:bit development. 

Beginning BBC micro:bit will take you through the complete features and capabilities of the micro:bit controller, enabling you to program and build your own projects. The uses are endless for the micro:bit and this books will help get you started on building your next project with this popular and easy-to-use microcontroller. 

You'll use online Python Editor and Mu Editor to build your own applications. Reviewed by the micro:bit developer team, this comprehensive guide also provides clean code examples to help you learn the key concepts behind the micro:bit API. 

What You’ll Learn
  • Work with the various kits and accessories
  • Master the micro:bit development platform with easy to follow examples and clean code
  • Build your own micro:bit applications using an online Python editor and Mu editor
  • Use the on-board LED matrix, built-in buttons, I/O pins, accelerometer, and compass
  • Learn how to connect and communicate with devices through I2C, SPI, and UART
  • Build applications with music and speech libraries
  • Use Local Persistent File System to store and manipulate files
  • Build applications based on wired and radio networks
  • Use micro:bit and micro:bit Blue apps

Who This Book Is For

Beginners, those already experienced with electronics, and hobbyists at all levels looking to get started with a new microcontroller.