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Beginning Data Merge with Adobe InDesign CC: Quickly Create Files Using an Excel Spreadsheet

Video Description

Discover how to create a data merge in easy steps and avoid making basic mistakes using this video. You will take each section step by step to gradually advance your skill level. First, you'll learn how to do a single page data merge that you can send to clients or a print house to be part of a mailer. You’ll easily build your first data merge file and acquire all the skills you need to use for your own projects. 

If you have already designed a form letter for a client mailer in Adobe InDesign, you’ll see that you don’t need to convert it to a Microsoft Word document to create a mail merge. Instead it’s easier to use InDesign’s Data Merge panel to save you time and money. Here you’ll use data from a Microsoft Excel spread sheet, turn it into a CSV file, and do your data merge. Through this video, you'll see how each step is accomplished through sub-menus and dialog boxes in InDesign and Excel.

What You Will Learn
  • Preview linked information fields using the Data Merge panel in InDesign
  • Work with special characters
  • Link data using InDesign’s Data Merge panel
  • Merge the data of the form letter into one document
  • Export a created PDF
  • Use the same CSV data for other related InDesign documents
Who This Video Is For

Students, graphic designers, and corporate administrators who need to create documents for events. You should have some experience in basic layout in InDesign.