Chapter 2. Installing Drupal


  • Installing a Drupal website

  • Installing Drupal using the Acquia Distribution

  • Exploring the files, folders and structure of Drupal

  • Reviewing the sites folder

  • Exploring inheritance and overrides

  • Overriding Drupal's default theme with one of your own

Now that you have decided to use Drupal the next step is to download and install it. In fact you might have already installed one or more Drupal websites. Even if you have already installed Drupal, a quick read through this chapter will help to clarify the process and help you better understand Drupal.

This chapter reviews the installation process of a single Drupal website. You will explore the files and folders of Drupal to better understand its structure and to learn what you can and cannot modify. You'll explore Drupal's system of inheritance and overrides and learn how to install Drupal in a language other than English.

After completing this chapter you can continue on in the book or skip over to Chapter 18, which covers advanced Drupal installations. Chapter 18 covers installing multiple websites with a single download of Drupal, sharing users between multiple Drupal websites, explores the settings.php file, and how to use CVS to simplify updates to your Drupal website.


The first step to getting started with Drupal is to make sure that you meet all of the requirements. Drupal 7 requires the following:

  • Web server: Apache 1.3/2.x or IIS 6+

  • Database server: ...

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