image JERMAINE G. ANDERSON works within the Software Engineering department of British Sky Broadcasting in London, UK, currently as Scrum Master, where he manages the technical delivery for an Agile team responsible for the short-form online video platform.

In recent years, Jermaine's work has predominantly centered on video streaming, where he has been instrumental in creating cutting-edge and innovative products, specializing in Flash, the Flex framework, and, more recently, AIR.

Jermaine grew up in the town of Wincobank, Sheffield, where he developed his passion for science, technology, art, design, and computing. From an early age he started coding on the family computer, using BASIC on an Amstrad CPC 6128. When Jermaine was eight years old, his father set him the task of designing a level for the critically acclaimed U.S. Gold computer game Gauntlet, which he completed, only to discover that there was a submission date for the level entry, and that date had passed, to Jermaine's disappointment. He cites this as one of the early lessons he learned, to always do something for the enjoyment, and rewards come in various guises. Ultimately, problem solving and working with technology are his main drivers working in online media, driven by the Internet.

Having earned a BSc (Hons) degree in Chemistry at The University of Birmingham, and a MSc in Computer Studies from Sheffield ...

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