Chapter 9. Share with the World

Google SketchUp for 3D printing would not be complete without a look at the Shapeways Shop, 3D Warehouse, Google Earth, and Thingiverse.

  • With the Shapeways Shop, you can open a store on the Shapeways web site to sell your 3D models.

  • The 3D Warehouse is a SketchUp model repository. You can upload your own models and download models that others have uploaded into the 3D Warehouse.

  • Use Google Earth to view satellite imagery of the world, view 3D buildings, and design your own buildings to be placed in Google Earth.

  • Thingiverse is a web site for 3D modelers to upload and share their designs for 3D printing.

These are just a few things you can do once you have created your own models using SketchUp. We will go through each ...

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