© Joseph B. Ottinger, Jeff Linwood and Dave Minter 2016

Joseph B. Ottinger, Jeff Linwood and Dave Minter, Beginning Hibernate, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2319-2_3

3. Building a Simple Application

Joseph B. Ottinger, Jeff Linwood2 and Dave Minter3

(1)Youngsville, North Carolina, USA

(2)Austin, Texas, USA

(3)London, UK

In this chapter, we’re going to create the shell of an application, which will allow us to demonstrate a number of concepts common for systems that use Hibernate. We’ll be covering the following:

  • Object model design, including relationships between objects.

  • Operations that view and modify persisted data (inserts, reads, updates, and deletes).

Ordinarily we’d use a service layer to encapsulate some operations, and in fact we will be adding a service ...

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