Chapter 13. Accessing Built-In Applications


  • How to send e-mails from within your application

  • Invoking Safari from within your application

  • How to invoke the phone from within your application

  • How to send SMS messages from within your application

  • Accessing the camera and Photo Library

The iPhone comes with a number of built-in applications that make it one of the most popular mobile devices of all time. Some of these applications are Mail, Phone, Safari, SMS, and Calendar. These applications perform most of the tasks you would expect from a mobile phone. As an iPhone developer, you can also programmatically invoke these applications from within your application using the various APIs provided by the iPhone SDK.

In this chapter, you learn how to invoke some of the built-in applications that are bundled with the iPhone, as well as how to interact with them from within your iPhone application.

Sending E-Mails

Sending e-mails is one of the many tasks performed by iPhone users. Sending e-mails on the iPhone is accomplished using the built-in Mail application, which is a rich HTML mail client that supports POP3, IMAP, and Exchange e-mail systems, and most web-based e-mails such as Yahoo! and Gmail.

There are times where you need to allow your user to send an e-mail in your iPhone application. A good example is embedding a feedback button in your application that users can click to send feedback to you directly. You have two ways to send e-mails programmatically: ...

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