Chapter 1

Entering Mobile Application Development

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying the market

arrow Following the design process

arrow Entering the world of object-oriented development

Mobile devices are everywhere. These smartphones and tablets run powerful applications and are making a difference in how people live, work, and play.

Many folks already use these devices as they do computers: to create and edit documents; to interact with others via e-mail, telephone, and chat; to play highly entertaining games; and to shop and manage money. Even schools, which used to ban cellphones in the classroom, are considering delivering educational materials to students via smartphones. Because they're common and robust, tablets and smartphones are now the primary computing and communication devices for many people.

A mobile device, in particular a smartphone, is more than a computing and communication device, however. Because it goes everywhere with you, you can be constantly connected to work and with other users. Also, because a smartphone can retain information about people you talk to, where you’ve been, and how much you spend, it in a sense "knows" you intimately. Mobile applications can take advantage ...

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