Chapter 12

Channeling the World Into Your Device

In This Chapter

arrow Opening a browser from your app

arrow Incorporating a browser view into your application

arrow Using web services

arrow Finding and using your devices’ location

arrow Incorporating maps into your app

Your iPhone or tablet is your portal to the world. You can interact with others, find out what's going on around you (such as shopping, dining and local points of interest) and in distant places (such as weather where you plan to visit).

Your device can do all these things because of apps that utilize three things: the web; location-based services provided by a variety of providers, especially Apple and Google; and the device's own built-in location-finding capability.

In this chapter, I illustrate how to create apps that can browse the web, call web services that provide specific assistance and information, provide maps of places of interest, show where you are on a map, and more.

Networking Basics

A network is any collection of interconnected ...

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