Chapter 14

Publishing to the App Store

In This Chapter

arrow Registering as an iOS developer

arrow Preparing your application for publishing

arrow Thoroughly testing your application

arrow Publishing your application to the App Store

arrow Providing maintenance and support

After spending countless hours designing, coding, and debugging, you're finally ready to present your app to the public. You just need to hand over the developer fee and ship it off, right?

Not quite. Publishing your app to Apple's App Store is a fairly complicated process, especially for beginners. You need to create accounts, generate certificates, register devices, recruit beta testers — not to mention forking over your bank information. But don't worry. In this chapter, I walk you through the step-by-step process. After reading this chapter, you'll be confident in your ability to publish a complete, well-tested app that's ready for primetime. After you get an app or two under your belt, you'll see that the process isn't so complicated after ...

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