Chapter 2. Developer Tools


  • How to install the developer tools that came with your copy of Mac OS X

  • Where to find the tools and documentation you just installed

  • How to use the Apple Developer Connection web site

Since the earliest releases of Mac OS X, a complete set of developer tools has come bundled with the operating system. These tools range from text editors and compilers to debuggers and performance analyzers. Mac OS X even comes with a large collection of developer documentation and examples to help explain how these developer tools and development libraries should be used. Those interested in programming on Mac OS X have everything they need to get started.

Apple Computer also has a large developer support web site called Apple Developer Connection or ADC, found at Here Apple posts the most updated versions of its developer tools, documentation, and examples. This site also provides resources for small businesses interested in developing and distributing a product to the Macintosh community. If you are an ADC member, you can even file bug reports on Apple's software to help resolve issues you may discover on your own.


As we have said, Apple bundles development tools along with the Mac OS X operating system. However, these tools are often an optional part of the installation process, and all the necessary components might not yet be installed on your system. If your copy of Mac OS ...

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