A.2. Chapter 2

A.2.1. Exercise 1 solution

Use the following steps to collect the sample:

  1. Launch /Developer/Applications/Performance Tools/Sampler. The program starts but no windows appear on-screen yet.

  2. Choose FileNew. A dialog appears allowing you to specify the program you want to sample.

  3. Click the Set button next to the Executable text field. This brings up a standard open panel.

  4. Select /Applications/Stickies in the Open panel and click the Open button. The Executable text field will be filled with the application's path.

  5. Click OK to dismiss the dialog. A Sampler window like the one shown in Figure A-1 appears. Notice the three tabs: Browser, Outline, and Trace. The Browser tab, containing empty Browser and Call Stack views, is selected.

    Figure A.1. Figure A-1
  6. Click the Launch & Record button in the Sampler window's upper-right corner. The Stickies application appears in the Dock, and its windows appear behind the Sampler application.

  7. Let Stickies run for a few seconds and click the Stop Recording button. Sampler's Browser and Call Stack views change to display Stickies' call stack information.

The browser area shows a tree containing all the frames recorded by Sampler. The Call Stack table displays the most commonly occurring backtrace that includes the frame selected in the browser. ...

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