Chapter 1. Welcome to Visual Basic 2008

This is an exciting time to enter the world of programming with Visual Basic 2008 and Windows Vista. Windows Vista represents the first Windows operating system upgrade since Windows XP was first released in 2002. A lot has changed in the Windows user interface and Visual Basic 2008 makes it easy to write professional-looking Windows applications as well as web applications and web services. Haven't upgraded to Windows Vista yet? No worries, Visual Basic 2008 also allows you to write professional-looking applications for Windows XP as well.

The goal of this book is to help you use the Visual Basic 2008 programming language, even if you have never programmed before. You will start slowly and build on what you have learned in subsequent chapters. So take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and tell yourself you can do this. No sweat! No kidding!

Programming a computer is a lot like teaching a child to tie his shoes. Until you find the correct way of giving the instructions, not much is accomplished. Visual Basic 2008 is a language you can use to tell your computer how to do things. But, like a child, the computer will understand only if you explain things very clearly. If you have never programmed before, this sounds like an arduous task, and sometimes it can be. However, Visual Basic 2008 gives you an easy-to-use language to explain some complex tasks. Although it never hurts to have an understanding of what is happening at the lowest levels, Visual ...

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