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S. Alla, S. K. AdariBeginning MLOps with MLFlowhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6549-9_6

6. Deploying in Azure

Sridhar Alla1   and Suman Kalyan Adari2
Delran, NJ, USA
Tampa, FL, USA

In this chapter, we will cover how you can use Microsoft Azure to operationalize your MLFlow models. In particular, we will look at how you can also utilize Azure’s built-in functionality to deploy a model to a development branch and to a production branch, along with how you can query the models once deployed.


In the previous chapter, we went over how to deploy your models to Amazon SageMaker, manage them through update or delete events, and query them. Now, we will shift our focus to show how you ...

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