Chapter 3. OpenVPN

In this chapter we will discuss the nature of OpenVPN. We will start with its features and its release history, followed by its basic networking concepts, and a first brief look at the configuration. At the end of the chapter, OpenVPN is compared to IPsec, the quasi-standard in VPN technology.

This chapter will cover the following:

  • Advantages of OpenVPN
  • History of OpenVPN
  • Networking with OpenVPN
  • OpenVPN and firewalls
  • Configuring OpenVPN
  • OpenVPN versus IpSec
  • Source for documentation

Advantages of OpenVPN

With the advent of OpenVPN a new generation of VPN entered the scene. While other VPN solutions often use proprietary or non-standard mechanisms, OpenVPN has a modular concept, both for underlying security and for networking. OpenVPN ...

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