Installing OpenVPN on SuSE Linux

Installing OpenVPN on SuSE Linux is almost as easy as installing under Windows or Mac OS X. Linux users may consider it even easier. On SuSE Linux almost all administrative tasks can be carried out using the administration interface YaST. OpenVPN can be installed completely using this. The people distributing SuSE have always tried to include up-to-date software in their distribution. Thus, the installation media of OpenSuSE 11 already contains version 2.0.9 of OpenVPN, and both the Enterprise editions SLES 10 and the forthcoming SLES 11 that offer five years of support. Updates include up-to-date versions of OpenVPN. Both OpenSuSE and SLES use YaST for installing software.

Using YaST to install software

Start YaST. ...

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