A.1. Chapter 1

A.1.1. Exercise 1 Solution

  1. What is the difference between a team site and a document workspace?

The difference is that a team site typically manages the mass of information stored in lists and libraries, while a document workspace is a special site for collaborating on a single document or event.

A.1.2. Exercise 2 Solution

  1. Your manager informs you that the organization is currently reviewing the need for a corporate portal. List two reasons to justify why organizations invest in portal technologies.

There are many reasons that organizations invest in portal technologies. Two major reasons are:

  • People need to connect with information that will help them make informed business decisions regardless of their physical location. Because portals are web-based and are available via the Internet, large numbers of users can access information from a centralized location.

  • Portal technologies scale with an organization as it grows and can accommodate business processes and information management.

A.1.3. Exercise 3 Solution

  1. True or False. SharePoint Server 2007 is the next release of SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

True. While significant changes have been made to the system, SharePoint 2007 is still considered the next release of SPS 2003. Some major changes include improved support for web content publishing and management, content aggregation, workflow processes, and enterprise reporting.

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