A.10. Chapter 10

A.10.1. Exercise 1 Solution

  1. Explain the reasons why you would decide to create a form that supports editing in the browser.

Because not all users have access to the InfoPath application, creating a form template that is supported by the browser can expose the form to a wider audience. In addition, because the browser removes some of the interface elements that the InfoPath form itself offers, such as a view switcher or formatting controls, it may be a more controlled environment to have users complete and review form data. Finally, by using Forms Services to present the form to users, they see the form as a standard web-based form and can spend less time focusing on the technology and more time thinking about the information they are supplying and the decisions they are required to make as part of a business process.

A.10.2. Exercise 2 Solution

  1. Explain the different scenarios by which you can publish a form template.

A form template can be published to SharePoint directly to a document library. This is suitable for scenarios where the form is only required to be hosted in a single location. Another alternative is to publish the form as a content type to a SharePoint Server. This method is most appropriate when there is a requirement to publish the form to multiple locations within a single site collection. Finally, there is an option to upload the form template via the Central Administration site as a server administrator. This method is most appropriate for ...

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