A.11. Chapter 11

A.11.1. Exercise 1 Solution

  1. Explain three benefits of using Excel Services for your organization's data reporting needs.

Three key benefits of using Excel Services for your organization's reporting needs include:

  • Providing a centralized repository for reports rather than having them confined to individual hard drives or dispersed across many file-share folders or network locations.

  • Rendering reports through the browser to display the data in a controlled setting and hiding any information related to formulas, calculations, or connections.

  • Because Excel Services is built upon SharePoint technologies, all the standard benefits of working with SharePoint still exist such as versioning, item-level security, and content type management.

A.11.2. Exercise 2 Solution

  1. True or False. When a workbook is published to a Reports Library, no one can change it.

False. You can assign users rights to edit or contribute to files. However, a key benefit of the Reports Library is that you can limit access to View or Read-Only for those who do not need edit access.

A.11.3. Exercise 3 Solution

  1. Your manager informs you that whenever team members access the newly created Dashboard, they receive an "access denied" error message and cannot see the individual reports. What's the likely cause for this?

First, you need to make sure that users have access to the site and its data. You then want to check that the site's Reports Library and data connection libraries are configured as trusted ...

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