A.3. Chapter 3

A.3.1. Exercise 1 Solution

  1. Your project manager informs you that the version of the document you submitted for approval was not correct and that the version that was sent earlier in the week is more appropriate. How do you remedy the situation?

In this situation, you would browse the available versions of your document to find the version submitted earlier in the week. Once you have found the correct version, you would restore the previous version and finally resubmit the newly restored version to the project manager.

A.3.2. Exercise 2 Solution

  1. Your manager assigns your team a series of presentations for an upcoming conference. How can your team most efficiently collaborate on various slides?

In this case, you would browse to the View All site content page, select Create, and then select the Slide Library option to create a slide library where your team can collaborate and share slides.

A.3.3. Exercise 3 Solution

  1. You've been given the task of archiving an old document. Currently, these documents are stored in a common file share. What is the best method of mass-copying these documents to a document library?

Browse to the library that you want to use to archive your documents. Select Explorer View from the View's menu on the toolbar. Copy and paste your documents into the Explorer view.

A.3.4. Exercise 4 Solution

  1. You need to change the metadata information for multiple documents. What is the fastest way to change the metadata of a particular column for multiple ...

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