A.4. Chapter 4

You've just been assigned to customize the SharePoint site for your company's sales team. The team has struggled with having a central location that stores all information related to its various opportunities, contacts, meetings, and tasks. It has had a SharePoint site for a few months; however, the team has expressed some concerns that information is too difficult to find. The following exercises focus on ways in which you need to develop the site to become a more useful tool for the sales team.

A.4.1. Exercise 1 Solution

  1. After conducting a planning workshop with some members of the sales team, you determine that while the sales manager wants to see all information stored in a single location, the actual sales team members struggle with seeing too much information. As a result, it takes sales team members longer than necessary to look up contact phone numbers. The sales team prefers to only see contacts from their own region. What can you do to make both groups happy?

By creating a site column for Region, lists, such as the contact list, can feature custom views that filter items to only show items for a specific region. The sales manager can use a list view that shows items across all regions and each regional office can have its own view that filters out information from regions other than its own. A list-centric column for Region would work specifically for this scenario as well. However, because you can assume this type of behavior is desired for other content ...

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