A.5. Chapter 5

A.5.1. Exercise 1 Solution

  1. What is the difference between an Approval Workflow template and the Collect Signatures workflow template?

Both the Approval Workflow template and Collect Signatures template generate decision-making processes that can potentially end in the approval of a specific document. However, the approval workflow tracks the acceptance or publishing of a document within the SharePoint site, whereas you can only launch the Collect Signatures workflow within a Microsoft Office application and you can only initiate it from a document containing a Signature Line element.

A.5.2. Exercise 2 Solution

  1. True or False. You can create a custom workflow in SharePoint Designer for use across all sites in a site collection.

False. When you use SharePoint Designer to create a custom workflow, you can only associate it with a single list or library, and you cannot add it to any central gallery or directory. To add a workflow to the central gallery, you must develop it using custom code and the .NET framework.

A.5.3. Exercise 3 Solution

  1. Explain the difference between a serial and parallel workflow process.

A serial workflow is one that requires users to complete activities in a predefined order so that they can only give feedback one at a time. A parallel workflow allows feedback or participation from a number of users and has a more informal structure related to when each user can join in or participate.

A.5.4. Exercise 4 Solution

  1. What two lists are required ...

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