Chapter 3. Working with SharePoint Libraries

In this chapter, you discover the magic behind document collaboration: the document library. Document libraries allow you to create, store, manage, and collaborate on documents. SharePoint has a variety of them, each designed to allow maximum efficiency when you work with particular types of documents. This chapter discusses the major elements of a document library and walks you through some of the different types of libraries and how you can use them to manage the documents crucial to business operations. The important aspects of document libraries include:

  • Creating and uploading documents

  • Checking documents in and out

  • Managing version history

  • Restoring documents

  • Working with your documents offline

  • Using the different types of document libraries

In Chapter 4, you learn how to customize a template to fit your business needs. You also learn how to customize the properties and features of a document library. This chapter focuses on interacting with document libraries that have been previously created or configured.

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