4.3. Backing Up MOSS 2007

The obvious thing to do after a successful installation is to back up the SharePoint server. You will read a lot more about backing up and restoring in Chapter 14. However, since you have just completed a MOSS installation, you are probably anxious to know how to protect your work with a backup, so the basics of backing up MOSS are covered here.

With MOSS 2007 come two backup programs: One is the stsadm.exe utility, and one is a backup procedure included in SharePoint's Central Administration tool. Using the latter, you can quickly create a full backup of your new MOSS environment, including both user web sites and administrative web sites. In previous versions of SharePoint, you needed to have SQL Client Tools installed on the SharePoint server in order to perform backup and restore, but this is not necessary in SharePoint 2007. To use the Central Administration backup procedure, make sure that the following accounts have Write permission to the file backup location:

  • The database server's SQL service account.

  • The WSS Timer service account (the same account as the Central Administration application pool account: sp_appservice).

  • The user account used by the Central Administration application pool.

Follow the steps in the Try It Out below to back up your new MOSS server.

Try It Out: Do a Backup of Your MOSS Server

  1. Log on to the MOSS server as an administrator.

  2. Select a shared disk resource where you can store the backup files; for example, \\DC1\SPBackup ...

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