1.5. Integrating with MS Office

Given that you are reading this book, the chance that you use MS Office for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations is rather high. Therefore, this section is important for you. SharePoint will not change the way you are working with Office documents, but it will enhance the functionality, making many things a lot easier than they are without using SharePoint. What features you can expect to have depends on what version of MS Office you are using.

The story is this: MS Office 2007 was released together with SharePoint 2007 at the end of 2006. They were built to be integrated, just like the previous SharePoint 2003 and Office 2003. If you use Office 2003 along with SharePoint 2007, you will get a lot of the functionality in SharePoint 2007, but not everything. Using older MS Office versions, such as 2000 or XP, will allow such a user to read and save documents to SharePoint 2007, but nothing more. The reason is that these older versions of MS Office do not know about SharePoint, so they lack this integration capability. Do not expect Microsoft to release an update for any version previous of MS Office 2007, and frankly if you've seen what Office 2007 can do, you'll want to upgrade — it is both much easier to work with and has a lot of new features.

The following list gives you an idea about what to expect when running Office 2000/XP versions with SharePoint 2007:

  • File Save Integration: Microsoft Office 2000 integrates with Windows SharePoint ...

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