10.5. Working with Document Workspaces

When you are working alone and updating a public document, you will be fine with the checkout feature that the document library offers. But what do you do when you are working collaboratively with one or more other people, or when you need input from two other colleagues during the development of an updated version of a document? This is clearly not something that can be addressed with the checkout procedure. This is what you use Document Workspaces for. A Document Workspace is a team site that initially contains only one thing: a document copied from another site, usually the parent site.

To create a Document Workspace, you have two options:

  • Use the quick menu for the document and select Send To Create Document Workspace.

  • Inside MS Office 2007, display the Document Management pane by clicking the Office button and selecting Server Document Management Information, Then click its fourth icon from the left, the documents tab, to display the documents in this library. Locate the current document (it will be marked with a different color), then select Create Document Workspace from its menu.

When creating a Document Workspace, a copy of this document will be stored in the new workspace. Initially, only the user who created the workspace will have ...

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