Appendix C. Installing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

This appendix shows you how to install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. You learn the differences between the database options for the two available types, how to prepare the server for the installation, and to understand the system user accounts involved in this action. After the installation is complete, you learn how to check that everything is okay as well as some basic troubleshooting tips.


If you plan to install SharePoint Server 2010, then you do not need to read Appendix A about installing SharePoint Foundation 2010. All you need to know to install SharePoint Server 2010 is covered in this appendix!

This appendix starts by describing what to do before starting the installation, followed by the step-by-step instructions on how to install, followed by the initial configuration that will complete the installation. Appendix D covers the details about managing and configuring an installed SharePoint Server 2010.


SharePoint Server 2010 is basically a superset of SharePoint Foundation. In other words, when installing SharePoint Server, you really install SharePoint Foundation plus a great number of new or enhanced features. The information in Appendix B is valid also for a SharePoint Server 2010 server, but there are more features to configure and manage, which you learn about in Appendix D.

When running a SharePoint Server environment, you will create both SharePoint Foundation sites and ...

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