Chapter 10. Backup and Restore


  • Planning a Backup of SharePoint

  • Restoring SharePoint Objects

  • Comparing Backup Tools

  • Learning to Use PowerShell Backup and Restore Scripts

After reading this book, I am sure you will agree that SharePoint 2010 is a great product and a fantastic tool for managing information for your organization, regardless of what type of tasks or activities you may have. When a SharePoint project goes from being a test installation into a production environment it will rapidly contain important information that constantly grows every day. Sooner than you think, SharePoint will be a mission-critical application in your environment, so how can you protect it from a disaster scenario? By making backups, of course! An old geek joke goes: "What do you call a SharePoint administrator who does not do backups?" The answer: "Unemployed!"

This chapter tells you how to keep your job as a SharePoint administrator. It starts by describing what information you need to protect, and then lists all available options. You will learn how to perform backup and restore procedures and also read about other options, such as doing Microsoft SQL backups and using third-party backup tools.


Please remember this: You need to verify regularly that the backup and restore procedures work as expected; that is, that you can restore data. If you don't check regularly, you may be in a very painful situation when something needs to be recovered. ...

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