Chapter 8. Sites and Workspaces


  • The differences between site collections and sites

  • How to create a custom template based on an existing site

  • How to build a site structure

  • The differences between the templates provided out of the box and when each one should be used

  • The benefit and value found from Meeting Workspaces

So far in the book we have covered many of the different components that can be included within a SharePoint site. We are going to dedicate this chapter to understanding the container that you are building the objects within. We are going to look at several key concepts that should help you pull all the pieces together. We will be looking at the creation process for new site collections and sites, as well as providing you the information to know when to create each one.


Site collections and sites are the containers that you use to hold all of the content you are storing within SharePoint. A site collection can contain many sites, and each site within the site collection can contain many lists and libraries. Beyond the fact that site collections contain sites, there are specific characteristics of a site collection that should be understood. By knowing these differences, you will be better equipped to make a decision when creating new content.

Understanding the Boundaries

When you think of site collection, you should think of the term boundary. Whenever you create a site collection, you are in essence creating a boundary ...

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