Chapter 18. Implementing a Governance Framework


  • Defining governance

  • Reviewing the governance pillars

  • Developing the governance team structure

  • Reviewing best practices for implementing governance

By this point in the book, you have learned many things about SharePoint 2010, including how to create lists and libraries, how to build workflows, and even how to work with the personalization features. It is likely that your head is spinning with all the new information you have gathered as you read through all of the new and powerful things that SharePoint 2010 brings to the table. Now, as we are nearing the end of our journey together, we will be introducing the concept of governance. This topic is so central to the SharePoint implementation, that we have dedicated an entire chapter to help you identify and implement a strategy that works for your organization.


The dictionary defines governance as the act of maintaining control and order. When the definition is applied to SharePoint, we develop the concept of SharePoint governance as being the processes and procedures in place to help maintain control of the environment. Because of the breadth and depth of SharePoint, many different things need to be taken into consideration when developing your governance strategy. As you have seen throughout this book, SharePoint is a tool that will cross many different aspects of the organization. Some things, such as search settings, will most likely ...

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